World Headquarters for Wines of Substance is located in a former auto garage. Rocket88, My Wine Club, is inspired by our historical surroundings in addition to a couple of firsts. Rocket88 was the first American muscle car made by Oldsmobile in 1949, and it is considered to be the first true rock and roll song. With my passion for cars, rock and roll, and architecture, I was immediately drawn to Rocket88 as the name for our new wine club. Rocket88 embodies the old and the new, like a rocket in 1949 or the first notes of a song entering your ears, so I invite you to take a look, kick the tires and take it for a spin. Rocket88, My Wine Club is for you.

~ Charles Smith

Need a last minute present? Rocket 88 is the gift that keeps on giving.


Ride on
Built for our fans who like a mix of everything. Receive 6 bottles of our limited release K Vintners Wines personally selected by Charles every Spring and Fall. Each biannual shipment price ranges from $150 to $250 per 6 bottle shipment (sales tax and shipping not included).

  • Receive 10% off any current release wine and merchandise
  • Receive 20% off closed cases (12 bottles) of ViNO CasaSmith wines
  • First access to our K Vintners limited release wines and new release wines
  • Bring up to 2 guests for complimentary tastings
  • Hosting a party? Purchase 3 cases* or more of ViNO CasaSmith wines, receive 25% off.
  • Priority access to Royal City, King Coal, Phil Lane and other limited, member-only wines.


Drive in style
For you, only the best will do. Receive a 12 bottle allotment of wines personally selected by Charles every Spring and Fall. Shipments will include a selection of K Vintners and limited production wines. Each biannual shipment price ranges from $450 and $650 for 12 bottles (sales tax and shipping not included).

In addition to our Custom Deluxe benefits:

  • Receive an additional 5% (total of 15%) discount on any current release wines and merchandise.
  • Bring up to 3 guests for tastings.



Exclusive SIXTO Allotment
Designed for our high elevation, old vine chardonnay fans.

Inspired by the story of musician Sixto Rodriguez.  Charles similarly wanted to resurrect something that was always great, but was waiting to be rediscovered, as in the old Chardonnay vines in Washington State.  Being the sixth label that Charles has created (sextus translates to “sixth” in Latin), the name SIXTO was a perfect fit.

In addition to your bi-annual membership allotment be the first to receive the new vintage SIXTO wines.

Guaranteed 6 bottle Spring  allotment  –  2  bottles each of the Frenchman Hills, Moxee and Roza Hills Chardonnays.
This add-on ranges from  $270-$300, depending  on  your  current wine club enrollment discount.


Exclusive Royal City Allotment
For our most loyal Royal City Syrah fans. In addition to your Custom Deluxe or Grand Touring allotment, you will receive 6 bottles* of the Royal City Syrah at the pre-release price of $100 per bottle, which will be shipped the following fall. The annual shipment price is $600 (sales tax and shipping not included). Once a member of The Rolls, you will be given the first opportunity to increase your allotment to 12 bottles at pre-release pricing, when the vintage allows.

**Fine print: Royal City Syrah production quantities vary with vintage. In the event that 6 bottles are not available to all The Rolls members, we reserve the right to decrease the allotment proportionally or skip a vintage when necessary. Please note we do not discount pre-releases.**

What is the fee to join the club?
There is no fee to join Rocket88, My Wine Club. Simply choose the experiences that suit your tastes and receive your first shipment the following spring or fall, whichever comes first. Once you join, you may begin utilizing your member benefits immediately.

How much do the shipments cost?
Shipments vary by experience level and tax, insurance and shipping are extra. Please see individual option packages to see the expected costs per shipment.

What are the benefits of joining the 88s?
Each Rocket88 options package has a specific set of benefits. Please see the individual packages for each set of benefits. If a Rocket88 member is a member of multiple packages, he or she will receive the highest level of benefits on all eligible purchases.

I signed up for will call; how does that work?
Will Call orders may be picked up at the Downtown Walla Walla or Jet City tasting room. Rocket88 shipments must be picked up no longer than 60 days after your credit card has been charged. Unless prior arrangements have been made, after 60 days, we will donate your wine to charity as detailed in the wine club application terms and conditions.

How long is my commitment once I join Rocket88, My Wine Club?
Once you have committed to becoming part of Rocket88, we require that you receive at least two shipments before terminating your membership.

How do the charges work for the shipments?
We will keep your credit card number in an encrypted file on our server.  We will charge your card the week before we send your shipment. You will be charged your member rate for wine in addition to any tax, insurance, and shipping.

How do I receive my membership discount online?
Once you have become a Rocket88 member, you will automatically receive the discount associated with your option packages. If you select multiple packages, you will receive the highest benefit level on all packages.
How long do I have to pick up my wine?
If you are going to be coming to the tasting room to pick up your shipment, we will hold shipments for 60 days after your credit card is charged unless you have made prior arrangements. After that time we will donate your wine to charity

I want to purchase a gift membership; how does that work?
We encourage our Rocket88 members to add their friends and family to their club. Gift memberships are subject to the same commitment requirements as our regular memberships. Two shipments must be received before the new Rocket88, My Wine Club member may cancel.

Why do I have to give my email address?
There are a few reasons we need your email address. We will use your email address to verify your shipping address prior to shipments in addition to tracking your package once it leaves the winery. We communicate using electronic mail only and without a valid email address, we would not be able to communicate special offers, releases or events with you.

What happens with returned shipments?
We will contact the Rocket88 member if any of their wine is returned to the winery. If it is undeliverable due to an invalid shipping address or inability to secure an adult signature the shipment will be resent and the Rocket88 member will be responsible for any additional shipping charges that apply.

Can I order more wine and merchandise between shipments?
We are happy to send you wine whenever you need it! Contact or call 509.526.5230 and we will arrange additional shipments for you.

How do I change my account information?
Please contact to change membership levels, to update account information or to cancel memberships.